all thinking begins with wondering (Socrates)




How do you see the world when you think with an abundance mindset?



A digest of insights and practical tips to keep you abundant at work and at life.

The Nature of Nurture - why no-one can claim to be self-made.

‘Self-made’ is a myth that reinforces individualism and ignores systemic barriers
that exist in society particularly for marginalized people and poor communities.

You can't believe everything you think

Overcoming our thinking blind spots starts with an awareness of what some of the most common thinking traps are.  Usher in critical thinking by knowing and avoiding your thinking blind spots.

The secret to a longer, happier, healthier life

I will give you a hint … it’s not money.
A Harvard study concludes ‘good genes
are nice but joy is better’! And joy comes
from strong, enduring relationships.

Human Rights and Active Citizenry

A reflection of our conversation with Albie Sachs (renowned Human Rights activist and former Judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa).

When empathy is not enough

I’m not saying that empathy isn’t necessary – it’s vital, BUT it’s not enough – leaders
need to be CARING and HIGH PERFORMING.  The question is … can
you be BOTH?

Lifehacks for thriving in tough times

Tips and tools to help you LIVE EVEN BIGGER in 2023 and beyond.

ChatGPT – Calm your inner Luddite, keep your inner sceptic

Trying to outsmart AI is not a viable strategy.


Abundance at work in motion – a curation of keynotes and perspectives.

ChatGPT can tell us what we can do – it’s our job as educators to figure out what we ought to do.

Dr Roze Phillips “Africa’s favorite futurist’ speaks on ChatGPT and provocations it raises for school educators at iStore Education’s Leader Breakfast.

Find out why embracing community (the quality of our relationships with others) helps us live longer, happier lives.

Dr Roze Phillips in conversation with Cape Talk’s Clarence Ford.

Are technologies like ChatGPT progressing faster than our wisdom?

Dr Roze Phillips talks at the 11th Presidential Roundtable discussion on ‘The Implications of ChatGPT for Assessment in Higher Education’.