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Our business is born out of a need to reconnect and connect anew, ourselves, our stories, our pasts, and our futures. It is a yearning to partner with those who share a desire to see abundance at work.

We recognise that abundance is a work in progress. We choose the world of work as our canvas because we believe that in solving for work, we can solve for dignity and humanity through business and its ever-expanding operating and societal context.

 Critically questioning business-as-usual thinking, we enable organisations and leaders to create alternative long-term futures. We help unlock agency to effect change to make preferred futures real.

“We need new, different and more inclusive business narratives so that we can create a better world of work for all stakeholders, today and tomorrow.”


We direct our efforts towards helping businesses future-fit their world of work and unlock abundant work futures.

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We are always open to opportunity, email us on info@abundanceatwork.co.za.

Dr Roze Phillips

Dr Roze Phillips

CEO & Founder