There are few independent vendors with a breadth of experience spanning large-scale, change programme implementation in Corporate Education, Academia, Business Leadership, Technology and People Development in Africa that can deliver quality solutions with agility as our company. Collectively our directors have over 50 years of corporate experience.

What we do

We are a Leadership and Learning Journey Development company that help businesses solve for dignity, unlock people’s abundance and improve how the world works.  Operating at the intersection of people, technology, innovation and learning, we work with organisations to unleash the business and societal value that can be unlocked when human ingenuity combine with intelligent machines to create abundance at work.

Leadership Development

Custom leadership journeys help leaders cultivate mindsets of abundance and adaptivity to embrace practices that ensure future sustainability and success.


Learning Design

Design for all types of audiences and learning experiences by identifying appropriate methods and media mix relative to learning culture, audience needs and your budget.


Learning Delivery

Full accountability of the learning experience and journey including learning support, stewardship and coaching for impactful contemporary organisational change. 

Futures Intelligence

Future advisory and consulting, bespoke workshops and research to help inform your business and people development strategies.

Advisory Services

We provide thought leadership on the Future of Work, learning and leadership development to grow mindsets of abundance in people.

Research and Tools

We develop and grow knowledge through podcasts, opinion pieces and white papers that are practical and easy to apply. 

Programme & Change Management

A people-first approach ensures agency and accountability for quality deliverables across large-scale, change programmes.

Design questions we are solving with clients

  • How do we instill a culture of care and kindness in our organisation and our people?
  • What mindsets do our leaders need to navigate the future?
  • How can we onboard our people with the mindsets and attitudes needed to digitally transform our workflows?
  • What practical things can we do now to become a learning organisation?
  • How can we get our people to tap into new ways of knowing to better navigate their world of work?
  • How can we avoid copying and pasting solutions from the past to solve today’s problems?
  • What can we do to engage and inspire our people in omnichannel workplaces?
  • How do we measure the future readiness of our people and our organisation?
  • How can we use Metaverse experiences to unlock mindset changes in our people?

Starting at the Future is what sets us apart.  

We start with the future (to be) and work back (as is) using signature learning practises that give your organisation and people agency, tools and techniques.

Our ‘secret sauce’ fuses Futures Consciousness (the head part) with the Ethics of Care (the heart part) allowing you to practise (the hands) and build practises that develop your futures-growth-edge. Our practise-petri-dish uses agency-based learning methods, tools and templates, tailored to your organization and people, from in-person approaches to avatars in the metaverse.  The drumbeat is developing your growth-edge via learning practises that land in the line of the future world of work.

From workshops to keynotes and everything in between …

We are open to all ideas and opportunities.

As the artist Ai Wei Wei notes “All ideas are built on other ideas.” We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us on info@abundanceatwork.co.za

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